Feature Improvement: Mail Merge Fields and New Editor Look

Socket has had mail merge functionality for a while now, but admittedly, it wasn’t easy to use. Knowing which fields were available where, having to refer to the KB article to find the fields themselves. typing the dreaded # character, it … Read More

New Feature: Quote Web View

Quote PDFs have served Socket partners for years, providing an easy and familiar way to deliver quotes. But as industries evolve, our partner’s customers not only want to view their quote, they want to interact with it. Today we’re happy to announce a new feature called Web View. This is the first iteration in creating a fully interactive quoting document for sales teams. … Read More

Feature Improvement: Disable Integration Push

We’ve heard from many of our Partners who want to utilize our Person Search feature, but don’t want data pushed from Socket to their third-party integration. We’re really excited to be releasing the functionality that will now allow you to disable pushing … Read More

New Feature: Address Autocomplete

The same type-ahead search behaviour of the Google Maps search field is now available in Socket! With our newly released address autocomplete feature, simply start typing an address when creating a Quote and autocomplete will fill in the rest. See … Read More

New Feature: Per Reseller Connectors

As promised, per Reseller Connectors are now available! This will allow our partner’s Resellers to integrate with their own third-party systems and track their sales process in a more familiar way. As mentioned in the previous Reseller improvements post, we added … Read More

New Feature: Currency Selector on Quote Create

By default, if you had more than one currency set up on your account, Quotes were automatically created in the correct currency based on the customer’s location and your Currencies configuration. With our new currency selector available on Quote create, it … Read More

Feature Improvement: New PDF Generator

Here at Socket we take saving time seriously. From quote generation to quote acceptance, each action in your workflow can save precious seconds for you and your customers. Today we’re happy to announce the release of a new PDF generator. … Read More

New Feature: Per Reseller Payment Gateways

One of our focuses this quarter was to improve our Reseller functionality, as it’s very popular amongst MSPs. In this vein, we’re proud to release a new feature that allows our partners to have per Reseller Payment Gateways. This will … Read More

New Feature: Electronic Signatures

We’re happy to release a major improvement to Socket’s Quote Acceptance process – electronic signatures! This is a feature that is available on our Tower plan and above, and can be enabled on a Quote Template-by-Quote Template basis. This added … Read More

New Feature: Item Images

Currently, you can embed any image into an Item’s description in Socket, provided it’s hosted online. However, hosting the file online, and managing the sizing to ensure consistency can sometimes be a laborious task. Our new Item Images feature offers an alternative … Read More

New Feature: Edit Existing Taxes on Quote Edit

Up until now, if Taxes weren’t added on Quote Create, or needed to be modified, you’d ultimately need to generate a new Quote with the appropriate tax. We understand that this is time that could be better spent selling! With that in … Read More

New Feature: Separate Upfront/Recurring Table

We’ve released a new feature that will, on a Quote Template-by-Quote Template basis, allow you to separate the upfront and recurring costs into their own tables when viewing a Quote: This new feature provides absolute clarity for your customer to … Read More