Feature Improvement: New Integrations Page

Always looking to improve our user experience, we’ve made adding Integrations easier than ever before! Simply select the Integration you would like to add, follow the steps and save the Integration. Really it’s that easy! We hope this new and … Read More

Feature Improvement: Introductory Section and Appended Content Additions

Up until now, if you wanted to align text in the Introductory Section or Appended Content, you were required to click on the source to edit the HTML. We wanted to simplify this process as we understand how time-consuming it … Read More

Feature Improvement: Agile CRM Update

We have released an update to our Agile CRM integration that will now give you the ability to map the Socket Quote Statuses to the appropriate Pipeline and Milestone in Agile. To set up the mapping, it is as easy … Read More

Feature Improvements: Stripe Update

We have updated our Stripe integration to improve real-time validation, responsiveness, and an overall better checkout experience for your customers. As part of this update, the Payment Gateway Settings in Socket will now require adding the Publishable Key which can be … Read More

Feature Improvement: Reseller Email Notifications

We’ve released an improvement to our Reseller functionality that will now allow your Resellers to be notified of publicly generated Quotes, Inquiries, and when a Quote has been ordered. When creating a Reseller or editing an existing Reseller, simply specify … Read More

Feature Improvement: Updated Dashboard

In anticipation of our upcoming Reports functionality, we’ve made an update to your Socket Dashboard! The updated Dashboard features an improved date picker with more presets and custom range functionality to dial in a specific date range. We’ve also changed … Read More

Feature Improvement: Upfront/Recurring Table Order Option

In listening to the feedback from our Partners after releasing the ability to separate the upfront and recurring fees into their own tables, we’ve released an update that allows you to choose which table is displayed first. Simply navigate to … Read More

Feature Improvement: Cover Page Additions

Lately, while working with partners, we’ve noticed an increase in the number of requests for more robust cover page options. We had been recommending using the Introductory Section, but then the header and footer text would sometimes get in the … Read More

Feature Improvement: Streamlined Quote Acceptance

We’ve released an update that affects how Quotes are accepted and ordered to simplify the process for you and your customers. As part of this update, the Quote Template settings for Online Payments and Purchase Orders have been merged into one … Read More

Feature Improvement: Appended Content

Up until now the Appended Content was comprised of three Appended Sections. In our continued effort to streamline the quoting process, and offer further flexibility, we’ve released an update that sees those three sections merged into one. The new Appended … Read More

Feature Improvement: Send Order Notification Email to Quote Owner

After releasing our new Quote Owner functionality earlier this year, we’ve made a small improvement to our Email Notification feature to allow the Quote Owner to receive Order Notification emails in addition to the Order Notification Recipients defined under Settings > … Read More

Feature Improvement: Search Items By Description

Whenever you are searching for a particular Item, you can now search by description: This was available before by searching by “all fields”, but it was popular enough that we added an explicit search option for it. Happy quoting!