Seamless integration with other popular apps

Socket seamlessly integrates with other popular apps so your data can be automatically funnelled into the appropriate channels and data entry can be minimized.


Multiple simultaneous integrations supported

Socket even lets you integrate with multiple web apps simultaneously, by allowing you to add what we call Connectors. For example, you can have one Connector for Highrise CRM, and another for MailChimp. Each time a Quote or Inquiry is created in Socket, the data gets automatically pushed to each Connector.

Custom Webhooks enable integration with your own systems

Socket also lets you create Webhooks to have data automatically posted to your own server when certain events occur (e.g. when a quote is created). You can choose to have Inquiries, People, Quotes, and Transactions automatically sent to the URL of your choice whenever they’re created or updated in Socket. This allows you to perform your own custom integrations, provide automated order fulfillment, or custom reporting.

Contact us for integration inquiries

If you’d like to have us integrate Socket with a third-party service, please contact us.

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