Socket Pro Tips: Resellers

We often get asked about our Reseller functionality which is available on our Station plan and above. Our Resellers allow you to define company information for each Reseller or Affiliate that you’d like to give access to Socket. Users can then … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Email Tracking

Our Email Tracking functionality will allow you to keep track of communication with customers, and know the right time to follow up for all Quotes sent from within Socket: The different colours on the email icon will represent an email … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Separate Upfront/Recurring Table

The ability to separate the Upfront/Recurring tables will provide absolute clarity for your customer to know what they’re responsible to pay upfront, and what they’ll be responsible to pay on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis depending upon the recurring … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Search CRM for People

Our Search CRM for People feature is available with the following supported Connectors: Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho, Infusionsoft, Base CRM, and Nutshell CRM. By default, as you enter a customer’s contact information in Socket, it searches the People records to find … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Mail Merge Fields

Whether it’s having the Customer’s first and last name automatically populated within your Quote Template Content using ##CustomerFirstName## and ##CustomerLastName## or updating your Terms and Conditions with the Quote Number (##QuoteNumber##) and Quote Amounts (##QuoteUpfrontTotal## and ##QuoteRecurringTotal##), our Mail Merge … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Edit Existing Taxes on Quote Edit

We recently launched a new feature that allows you to edit existing Taxes on Quote Edit. There are, however, scenarios where you may not know what taxes are to applied to the Quote at the time of Quote generation. By … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Editable Items

In many quoting scenarios, the products and services you offer to your customers change slightly. Our Editable Items feature makes it easy to support these scenarios by giving you the ability to make changes on the fly on a Quote-by-Quote basis. … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Cover Page Content

We wanted to take a closer look at how to utilize the new Content editor to create a more robust Cover Page after the functionality was launched last week. In this example we used the editor to embed an image and used … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Change Quote Name

On a Quote-by-Quote basis you can change the Quote Name simply by clicking the checkbox to the left of Change Quote Name when creating a new Quote as shown in the screenshot below: This can be very useful for adding a project … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Email File Attachments

There are times when you’re emailing a Quote to a customer where you’ll need to either add additional attachments (if using the Email File Attachments at the Quote Template level) or simply add attachments on a Quote-by-Quote basis. Our improved … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Editable Quote Numbers

Our Editable Quote Number functionality will allow you to edit the Quote Number on a Quote-by-Quote basis when either creating or editing the Quote. When creating a Quote, you can edit the Quote Number by entering your desired number in the … Read More

Socket Pro Tips: Embedding Images into Socket using Dropbox

For any of our Partners who are embedding images into Socket from Dropbox that are encountering issues with the images not rendering in CKEditor when pasting the image address into the URL field, we wanted to provide the necessary steps to … Read More