Save time quoting and spend more time with your family.

Socket simplifies your quoting process

Automate your sales quotes, accept payments online, track and manage leads.

Automate pricing calculation

Socket’s automated quoting system does all the heavy lifting and allows you or your customers to create comprehensive, accurate,
and professional sales quotations in seconds.

Socket automated quoting system

Configurable products and services

Setting up user-selectable options for configurable products and services is simple and intuitive.
Products are easily priced based on options selected by the user creating the quote (e.g. plan, size, material, etc.).

Configurable products and services

Flexible pricing options

Socket’s flexible pricing options, such as Tiered Per Unit (i.e. quantity-based) or Percentage-based,
allow for pricing variability based on quantities ordered or dependent products or services.

Flexible pricing otpions

Simple copy/paste website integration

Socket’s online quoting software can be integrated directly into your website for customer-facing, instant online quotes.
No coding knowledge is required. Simply copy/paste the small piece of auto-generated code into your web page.

Simple Website Integration

Customer-facing, instant online quotes

Socket’s customer-facing, online quoting system lets your customers build their own quotes directly from your website.
You’ll receive a copy of each quote and be able to track and manage leads using Socket, or have them funnelled into your CRM.

Customer-facing instant online quotes

Beautiful, professional PDF sales quotations

Your quotes are automatically branded to your company in an attractive and professional
PDF document and sent to customers via e-mail.

Beautiful professional PDF sales quotations

Customers can pay for quotes securely online

Socket’s secure online payment processing lets your customers easily pay online. Customers simply click a link
in their quote and are taken to a secure checkout page, where they can pay for their order online.

Customers can pay for quotes securely online

Collect, track, and manage valuable customer leads

Socket lets you easily track and manage leads by letting you assign them to salespeople,
flag them as followed up, or mark them as pending, PO received, ordered, fulfilled, or lost.

Track and manage leads