Socket is an online quoting platform that helps sales teams streamline their sales quotes and proposals to save time, improve consistency, and win deals faster.

Smart templates streamline your sales quotes and proposals

Socket’s smart quote templates allow you to standardize your quote and proposal content, product descriptions and configuration, and pricing. This allows you to create comprehensive proposals with just a few clicks, minimizing data entry, improving accuracy, and saving time.

Socket’s quote templates can also be integrated directly with your website for a customer-facing, instant online quoting system or lead generator.


Easily track and manage your quotes and orders from one place

Socket runs in the cloud, which means your sales team can conveniently create and manage sales quotes any time, anywhere.


Third-party integrations

Socket integrates with other popular apps including email marketing, CRM, and accounting software. Socket also supports web hooks for custom integrations with your existing software.


Electronic quote acceptance and online payments

Socket allows your customers to accept quotes electronically without any manual intervention on your part. Online payment processing also enables you to accept secure online payments by credit card.