New Integration: Braintree

Braintree is the newest Payment Gateway supported by Socket! After receiving lots of feedback from our clients, we are happy to announce that we now allow you to accept payments with Braintree. This rounds out our existing payment gateway offerings … Read More

Feature Improvement: New Textarea Custom Field Added

We’ve added “Textarea” as an available Custom Field to offer further flexibility when using this recently launched functionality. Simply go to “Quotes” > “Custom Fields” > “+ New Custom Field” to select “Textarea” from the ‘Type’ dropdown menu as shown … Read More

New Feature: Editable Quote Number

One of the most requested features from our Partners has been the ability to edit Quote Numbers on a Quote-by-Quote basis. We’re extremely excited to announce the Editable Quote Number functionality that will allow you to edit the Quote Number … Read More

New Feature: Customize Your Items When Creating Quotes

In many quoting scenarios, the products and services you offer to your customers change slightly. Previously, we allowed modifications to an Item’s price during the Quote creation process, and offered more robust editing capabilities during Quote edit. Today, we’ve completely … Read More

New Feature: PDF Page Size and Orientation

You can now control the PDF page size and orientation. The following page size options are available: Letter Legal Folio A4 A3 B4 B3 C4 C3 You can also specify whether you want the page displayed in portrait or landscape … Read More

New Feature: Email File Attachments

Although the Quote Template Content allows up to three Email File Attachments that are sent alongside the Quote PDF, plus one attachment per Item, we heard from our Partners that having the ability to add Email File Attachments on a … Read More

New Feature: Email Tracking

We are very excited to finally announce the wide release of our newest feature – email tracking! Gone are the days of wondering if your customers are receiving the Quotes you send through Socket! Assuming you’re on our Generator plan … Read More

New Feature: Custom Fields

Another new feature we are really excited about delivering to you – Custom Fields! When creating a Quote for a customer, or when a customer is creating a Quote for themselves, there is often more information that needs to be … Read More

New Integration: Zoho Quotes Module

We have expanded our relationship with Zoho CRM to utilize the Zoho Quotes module. Zoho is used as a resource by many of our clients, and on behalf of those clients, we wanted to further enhance our connectivity. When a … Read More

New Feature: Expanded CRM People Search

Short but sweet: when creating a Quote, you can now search both Salesforce and Infusionsoft for People. If you missed the detailed post on this feature, check it out here.

New Feature: Auto CC/BCC

We have heard our clients’ requests again, and another highly sought after feature has arrived! Socket is and always has been about saving people time during the sales process. If you’ve ever needed to send yourself, or other members of … Read More

New Feature: Restrict Item and Quote Template Discounts

In the aims of having more control over User activity, we’ve released a feature that allows you to restrict Item and Quote Template discounting for Sales Managers and Salespeople. You can find the setting in the Item or Quote Template … Read More